Spreadsheet + bill reminders = DEBT FREEDOM!

Take the power of a credit card spreadsheet and add it to the convenience of a bill management app. The result? Debt Decimator: a tool that not only reminds you when to pay, but tells you how much to pay on each debt.

Light your debt on fire.

No more guessing or "following your hunch" - the math is done for you. Debt Decimator's hot card tells you what card you should be currently paying off.

A finish line you can pinpoint.

Finally, peace-of-mind and a plan for your debt-free future. Debt Decimator's payoff visualization allows you to see the date every single debt will be paid off, and the exact moment you'll live debt free.

Access anywhere, via any device.

No need to download any apps. Debt Decimator's mobile compatibility allows you to access via desktop or smartphone, whichever you prefer.

Your privacy, by design.

Works to reduce your your online risk. Debt Decimator's "Privacy First" design doesn't connect to your bank accounts, and doesn't ask for information that isn't needed to perform its calculations.