What is Debt Decimator?

Debt Decimator is a hybrid credit card calculator / bill management tool that looks at your debt, determines the fastest payoff, telling you what to pay and when.


How does it work?


Step 1. Load your debt. Tell what your remaining balance is on every card you own. No need to hookup to any bank accounts, no need to share any personal info. Just balances. That's all we need.

Step 2. Give us a monthly budget. How much can you afford, each month, to apply towards all of your outstanding debt, while still living within your means? $150? $300? There is no wrong answer, just tell us what works for you.

Step 3. Use Debt Decimator as you prepare to pay your monthly bills. When it's time to sit down and pay the bills, pull up Debt Decimator, either on your computer or smartphone.

Step 4. Pay the recommended payment on each card. Check the balance and minimum payment the bill asks for. Update them, if they're out-of-date. Debt Decimator immediately tells you what your recommended payment should be for that bill.

It's as simple as that.