Features You Can Count On

You want functionality? Debt Decimator has the right stuff.


Recalculate recommendations instantly. Every time you update your debts, your personalized payoff strategy updates as well, even in the middle of paying bills. Life happens, dollars come and go. Debt Decimator makes sure you always pay the right amount...and not a penny more.

Track what you've paid, and what's left to go. Debt Decimator makes recommendations, but you are free to track whatever payment amount you choose. Your payoff strategy updates regardless, keeping you firmly in control.

Smart schedules shift payments to the right pay period. Everyone gets paid on a different schedule, so why should you have to pay all your bills at once? Debt Decimator looks at your payment frequency, and determines the best way to divy up your bills. Spread your bills thinly...not your budget!

A roadmap to the finish line. Debt Decimator generates a visual chart of your progress, showing you a glimpse into your future: the date that every one of your debts is paid off. Finally, a debt-free future is now in sight...literally.


Like the free version so much that you're willing to
pay us for a bit more? We've got you covered.


Become an Ad Blocker and disable all advertisements.
  • (Sure, you could use an ad blocker. But if you wanted to support an independent small business, this would be the way to do it!)

Upgrade to Budgeter and gain all the features of Ad Blocker, plus:

  • Specify the due dates for each credit card, for advanced smart schedules (we like to think of them as super smart schedules),
  • Customize how you recieve reminders to pay your bills. We'll even send 'em on every single card's due date, if you wish.

Or, take it to the limit by becoming a Life Hacker, gaining the features of both Ad Blocker and Budgeter, as well as:

  • Assign custom priorities to every card, in case you want some cards to be paid off faster (or slower!) than others,
  • Set expiry dates on any 0% APR financing cards in your deck, and Debt Decimator will stagger their payoff appropriately, so you knock out high interest cards first.
  • Premiere support, which gets 1st priority on any help you request via our technical support forum.
  • BETA access, for die-hard gung-ho Debt Decimator fans that hunger for a sneak peak at what's currently in development, and want to be a part of making Debt Decimator great.